The Hearing School of the Southwest

The Hearing School of the Southwest is the dream of Fred D. Owens, M. D., one of America's leading specialists in the treatment of hearing disabilities.

Dr. Owens has practiced Otology and Neurotology at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, Texas, for more than three decades.

A much-honored leader in his field, as well as a compassionate caregiver and teacher, he has helped hundreds of children and adults with hearing disorders discover the world of hearing for the first time or rediscover it following an illness or injury.

Sharing his passion is Dr. Owens' son Robert, who joined the practice in 1999. Both doctors trained in Los Angeles at the renowned House Ear Institute. Having organized the Foundation of Otology at Baylor, together they teach quarterly, week-long courses in ear surgery in the temporal bone anatomy laboratory to residents and practicing Otolaryngologists.

Dear Dr. Fred and Patty Owens,

We are writing this letter to express our immense gratitude for the scholarship you awarded our son, Aiden, for the 2008-2009 school year to attend The Hearing School of the Southwest. He started school on October 14th of 2008, 2 years old and had just been aided. He had very few words and was using utterances like "Mamamama, Deedeedee, Babababa." We were not communicating well with Aiden, and feeling very frustrated. Not only that, we were fresh to the idea and realization that our perfect little boy had been diagnosed with hearing loss.

Our ENT, Dr. Bauer, recommended Sarah Thomas as a speech therapist for Aiden. I called the number he gave me immediately and began speaking with Tami Eick ("Ms. Tami" to us , now!). She told me not only does she offer speech therapy, but an entire school program for the deaf and hard of hearing. I couldn't believe how blessed we were to have a program so fitting for our little boy right in our hometown. However, when we spoke about tuition, I began to think we would not be able to take advantage of this amazing opportunity for Aiden. Tami went on to mention that with the paperwork to be filled out was an application for a scholarship given by the board of directors. I filled it out, turned it in and prayed.

Words cannot express how happy my husband and I were that you awarded Aiden the scholarship. Aiden has come so unbelievably far in his communication and social skills. He is a completely different kid than he was before we found out about his hearing loss. He is a happy boy who is learning more each day about how to communicate in his world. We still have a long road ahead of us but the progress he has shown is substantial and exciting! Tami, Jill, Linda, Amy, Elizabeth, Sarah and Kara have done an amazing job! We look forward to the upcoming school year and the progress our little man is going to make. A million thanks for your generosity.

Zac and Chrissy C.

Hearing School of the Southwest Benefit Golf Tournament

Watch the following video to learn more about the Dallas Foundation of Otology's grass roots fundraising golf tournament benefitting the Hearing School of the Southwest.

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