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A cochlear implant is a surgically implanted device which can help patients with profound sensorineural hearing loss to regain hearing. The Physicians of Owens Ear Center have extensive experience in determining patient's candidacy for cochlear implantation, and with performing cochlear implant surgery.

Woman Hears Again

Watch the following video to witness an amazing story of how cochlear implants helped an amazing woman.

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Cochlear Implants

Watch the following video to see how cochlear implants helped three people with a special bond.

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How Cochlear Implants Work

When patients suffer from profound sensorineural hearing loss, the underlying cause is generally a loss of the small nerve hair cells of the cochlea. In the majority of cases, patients with profound sensorineural hearing loss have fibers of the cochlear nerve intact, but without functioning cochlear nerve hair cells to stimulate the nerve, sound is not transferred to the brain. The COCHLEAR IMPLANT is actually comprised of several parts. At the time of surgery, an internal electrode array is placed within the lumen of the cochlea. Once healed, the patient wears external hardware which is held to the scalp by internally implanted magnets. This hardware is connected to a sound processor which is worn at the level of the ear. Sound is picked up by the processor's microphone, processed, and sent across the scalp to the internal hardware, and then into the cochlea by the internal electrode. The patient's own nerve fiber endings will pick up the sound signals, and transfer sound as an electric signal to the brain.

Cochlear Implant Candidates

Patients with profound sensorineural hearing loss in BOTH ears are candidates for a cochlear implant. The Physicians at Owens Ear Center can evaluate patients expertly to determine cochlear implant candidacy, and work closely with Audiologists ensuring cochlear implant recipients receive effective programming of their implant processors.
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