Hearing Loss

Conductive Hearing Loss

When sound is not conducted through the outer ear, eardrum, and ossicles adequately to the cochlea, a patient is determined to have a CONDUCTIVE hearing loss.  Oftentimes, patients with a conductive hearing loss may be candidates for surgical improvement of their hearing. The most comon surgery for improving conductive hearing loss is called a stapedectomy.

Sensorineural Hearing Loss

When sound is conducted adequately to the cochlea, and the cochlea is only able to process and transmit a portion of the sound, a patient is determined to have a SENSORINEURAL hearing loss.  Patients may also have a sensorineural hearing loss due to problems with their cochlear nerve, but problems with the actual cochlea itself are felt to be much more common. Hearing Aids are often a treatment option for this kind of hearing loss. This type of hearing loss can be genetic or come with age, but also noise exposure can cause severe hearing loss which can easily be prevented with hearing protection. For more information on Cochlear Implants click here.

Mixed Hearing Loss

When patients have hearing loss both from a lack of adequate conduction of sound, along with problems with the cochlea and/or cochlear nerve, they are determined to have a MIXED hearing loss.

Preventable Hearing Loss

Some types of hearing loss are preventable with proper care and noise exposure suppression devices such as earplugs or headphone type earmuffs. We can supply you with specially fit earplugs that give the most comfortable fit and best performance. These types of earplugs can also be made to have earbud type speakers installed in them, so that in a noisy environment, like on a plane, you can have noise suppression and also hear music or other programmed audio.

Other types of preventable hearing loss include the abuse or use of ototoxic drugs, drugs that can destroy the hearing mechanisim. One of the most commonly abused drugs that eventually will cause complete hearing loss is oxycontin. This is the drug which caused the deafness of Rush Limbaugh, whose hearing was restored with a cochlear implant.

The Physicians of Owens Ear Center work closely with Audiologists and Otologic Technicians to accurately assess each patient's hearing condition. Please contact us at Owens Ear Center if you are having sudden hearing loss, symptoms of hearing loss, or hard of hearing. We are happy to help you with your hearing problems serving the Dallas Fort Worth TX Area.

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